Our Philosophy

Picture_2We are a group of ophthalmology registrars who passed our refraction certificate. This is can be at a tricky exam. Some might pass it on the first attempt. However, many candidates require multiple re-sits.

We attended multiple refraction courses during our preparation. Many of the skills that we picked up from our optician colleagues were valuable for clinical practice, but not necessarily tailored towards passing the refraction certificate. The refraction certificate is difficult because of time constraints within an artificial exam setting.  Formalized marking criteria (which might not necessarily be demonstrated during routine clinical practice)  must also be met in order to pass the exam.

The aim of our refraction course is to provide a relaxed and individualized environment to hone your refraction skills, specifically geared towards the format of the Royal College of Ophthalmologist Refraction Certificate.

We only do small group teaching, with not more than 1 instructor per 3 candidates. This bespoke approach means that we can accommodate candidate of various experiences (no prior refraction knowledge is required!). You will get plenty of opportunities throughout the day to refine your refraction skills, practice subjective stations, and use a focimeter.

You will be given pre-course reading material ( refraction certificate book worth 36 pounds written and published by us) so that we can focus on the practical aspects of the exams during the day to maximize your learning.