Our Services

We do small group teaching for our candidates. The size of our teaching group is not more than 1 instructor per 3 candidates. This allows us to combine high-quality teaching with a bespoke personal approach. We will go through each and every single one of the 12 clinical stations in detail, including the specific marking criteria that you should be looking out for. Our tutors are highly motivated ophthalmology trainees who have published a book on how to pass the refraction certificate.


Different people will prefer approaches eg: spheres, +cyls, -cyls. We will discuss the merits of each approach. We will also teach you our rapid refraction technique which would allow you to get within the margin error for the refraction certificate exam in half the allocated time. You will get opportunities to practice this throughout the day in a relaxed environment. Each candidate will also have his/ her individual model eye to use throughout the day, with opportunities to practice on volunteers.

Subjective Refraction: Cyl

We will teach you how to use the Jackson Cross Cylinder to refine a patient’s cylinder axis and power. Again, lots of practice during the day and tips on what to look out for to score maximum marks!

Subjective Refraction: Sphere

This is a double OSCE station. We will teach you the key words to say to the patient ( in keeping with the marking criteria) while using flippers to rapidly refine the spherical power. We will also go through the merits of different techniques to achieve binocular balance. If you require flippers, we would be more than happy to order them for you.

Visual Acuity and Trial Frame Fitting

You will have the opportunity to practice trial frame fitting using the highest quality trial frame (Oculus, which is often used in the refraction certificate exam). This is no longer tested in the exam from 2019 as a standalone station but you will still need to master using the trial frame for subjective refraction as well as refraction with the use of the trial frame.


You will have the opportunity to practice this station with different prescription lenses using Topcon Focimeters ( Often used in the refraction certificate exam). There will be 2 Focimeters for 3 candidates which will give you ample time to practice.